Our service is high quality yet affordable, with all services priced between £350 and £550. 



We will visit your home, take laser accurate measurements and create your drawings on CAD. 



We include unlimited changes to all our projects to ensure your extension design is perfect for your needs (see T&C's)

Planning Permission


If you are looking to build an extension to your home, then it will require planning permission from your local Council, unless it is within  Permitted Development Rights. 

Please see our link below for details on Permitted Development Rights, or simply email or call us for tailored advice to you: -

If you do require Planning Permission, then we can advise you on what is more likely to gain approval, and design your extension to meet your requirements, as well as your local Council's.  

We can design rear or side extensions and outbuildings or annexes, and we offer great savings if you require more than one service. 

For example, a rear and side extension service offers a saving of £350, priced at just £550. 


Planning Applications take around 8-10 weeks to be processed by your local Council and cost £226. We prepare, submit and monitor the application free of charge. Council Application Fee not included. 

The Council can refuse these applications, or ask for changes, but in this instance we will work with you to find the best solution. 


Here at Extension Drawings Ltd, we offer fixed price services from £450 for planning applications, or £350 for Permitted Development projects. This includes the survey, design and planning.


If you have any queries on your extension project we would be happy to help, so please email or call us now.  

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Recent Projects

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Existing Drawings Only, Nottingham


Retrospective Permission, Birmingham

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Single Storey Side and Rear Extension, Solihull


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