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Permitted Development Guide

If you are looking to build an extension to your home, then it will require planning permission from your local Council, unless it is within Permitted Development Rights.

The majority of dwellings have Permitted Development Rights, and they allow homeowners to build an extension within defined limits.

These limits are fairly straight forward and if you click our Services Page above we explain these limits briefly. There are circumstances where you still require planning permission, so we advise contacting us for more tailored information.

Popular types of extension built under this route include single storey rear or side extensions and Outbuildings in the rear garden. They can be tiled or flat roof with brick or render walls, depending on how your house looks now.

We can also submit a certificate to the Council to legally prove it doesn't require planning permission. They are called Lawful Development Certificates and give homeowners peace of mind and are also useful if you sell your home in the future.

They take 8-10 weeks to be processed by your local Council and cost £103 plus their admin charges. We feel they are important for our clients to have, so we prepare, submit and monitor the application free of charge. Council Application Fee not included.

Here at Extension Drawings Ltd, we offer fixed price services from £350, including survey, design and planning.

If you have any queries on your extension project we would be happy to help, so please email or call us now.

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