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Planning Application's for House Extension's

How to get planning permission: If you are looking to extend your house or build an outbuilding in the garden then you will need Planning Permission; unless it falls within certain size limitations under something called Permitted Development Rights (see our separate Post explaining what is allowed under those rights, or ask us!).

In terms of applying for planning permission, you can do this by submitting a Householder Planning Application Form through your local Council or online via Planning Portal with a fee of £206. The Council will need scaled, accurately drawn plans of your house done to a specific standard, and if you use us at we would take care of all that for you.

Even if you don't need planning permission, having extension drawings / plans drawn up by a professional such as us at will really help you realise the best layout for your extension and home as a whole. It also enable Builders to work from scaled plans which they always prefer from our experience.

We offer quality drawings and a service that takes you through from the site visit, survey, design and planning submission forms which we will do for you.

Once the planning application is submitted it should take 8 weeks for a decision, but many Councils take longer at the moment. They will ask your neighbour's about the scheme and the Planning Officer makes a Decision, due to certain development rights.

When it's hopefully approved, you can either finish with our service there, receiving the drawings and approval in the post, OR you can continue with our Building Regulations Partner to have those plans drawn up, giving the builder more detailed drawings and specifications to work from.

From our experience most customers prefer to reduce their risk by having both stages completed, and builders like to see the more detailed drawings as well.

If you are thinking about extending your home, we would love to hear from you! Even if you aren't sure and may move house instead, a planning permission with drawings should increase your property value overall, so it could be a win-win and more than pay for itself!

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